3 month blanket order program

Sourcing Made Easy. Lock in your Profits

  • Unlimited Times Release in 3 months
  • Customized Release Schedule (Date and Qty)
  • Order Cancellation allowed subject to Phytochem International Inc. final confirmation
Purchasing Method Comparison
Inneficient Model 1
Purchasing small quantity over 3 month time period
Inneficient 2
One Large Purchase
New Model
Place a 3-month blanket order with Phytochem and set a release schedule
Jan. Feb. Mar.
$20kg $25/kg Shortage Out Of Stock
1 Large Purchase for Three Months

3-month Blanket Order


  • Spot Market Purchases make you dependent upon supply
  • Small Volume Pricing = Higher Cost
  • Inneficient multiple transactions from multiple vendors
  • rices subject to fluctuation
  • Stresses cash flow
  • Cash Flowl Tied up in Inventory
  • Warehouse Inneficiencys
  • Attractive 3-month pricing for small quantity
  • Increased Buying Power
  • Avoid Supply and Pricing Risk
  • One source One Transaction saves time and cost.
  • No warehousing pressure
  • Request Same Lot and Save on Testing Costs
Why Phytochem can offer these types of benefits to customers?
We are fully supported by our manufacturers in pricing and supplies.
Do I need to pay for the whole amount at one time for 3 months?
You will request release of each shipment and be invoiced at time of shipment,
How can I set the release schedule?
You may place multiple advance purchase orders ahead of time with a release schedule, or simply email Purchase orders for the merchandise referencing the original purchase order.
What if my product line changes during the contract and I donít need this product anymore?
Nothing is written in stone, On a case by case basis we'll consider cancellation of the contract. As Phytochem has a large customer base, we still can sell the products to other customers, so we can usually accomodate you!
* Phytochem International Reserves the right to determine blanket order eligibility dependent on Class of Product and Customer Profile