While there are many other organizations in the same business, we stand apart from the others, guided by vision of delivering quality Nutraceuticals with speed, efficiency and competitive prices. We strive to ensure not only that our products meet the most stringent standards of quality, but also that our operational model ensures clients of speed, excellent services and the greatest cost efficiencies that we can achieve.

Among the benefits we offer clients are:

  • The time and cost efficiencies of dealing directly with a manufacturer
  • A comprehensive product range featuring more than 200 items
  • Easy access to niche-market specialized products
  • The ease and efficiency of dealing with an experienced importer, which translates to greater predictability of delivery times
  • CGMP compliance through our CGMP registered or compliant factories
  • Our experience in providing paperwork both for importing purposes and for CGMP licensing, which allows us to expedite paperwork requirements
  • Assurance from regular and randomized testing

At Phytochem, everything we do is guided by goal to provide clients with quality, professionalism and honesty, and efficiencies in time and cost.


Our commitment to quality goes beyond ensuring the quality of our products. We aim to deliver the same high standards in every aspect of each client’s experience with us. All of our staff are experienced in their specific area and perform their work efficiently to ensure that clients’ orders are received on schedule with no hassle.


As a producer of health-related consumables, we believe that the Hippocratic Oath “First, Do No Harm” that guides medical practitioners also applies to us. Our products will be consumed or applied to the bodies of men and women who place their trust in the safety and value delivered by our products. Because of this, the safety and efficacy of our products is far more valuable to us than anything else. Certainly, we aim to turn a profit like other businesses, but never at the expense of the users of Phytochem products. We are aware that consumer trust and loyalty is what our business is built on and many of our employees and family members also consume Phytochem products.

We also aim to build trust in our clients by dealing honestly and fairly in all our transactions. At Phytochem, we believe in maintaining honest and open communication with our clients. As an added protection to clients, we have engaged in a Liability Insurance Policy. This gives our clients the peace of mind that their interests are taken care of in the rare chance that an unexpected incident occurs.

Efficiencies in Time and Cost

Through our management and operational practices, Phytochem aims to create greater time and cost efficiencies for our clients. We are mindful of the fact that inefficiency in our business model results in higher prices for clients. Because of this, we seek to streamline processes and maximize resources in everything we do, from delivery to administration. By running a highly efficient organization, we are able to offer clients the lowest prices in the industry, without sacrificing our high quality standards.

Our organization operates on a “drum-in-drum-out” model, which drives prices down through buying and selling in specific drum-sizes. In other words, items below the $100/kg range are sold in 25kg drums, while more expensive products are sold at drum sizes between 1 and 5 kg.

Because of this, we target clients who are able to purchase in these quantities. This allows us to offer the most competitive prices for products of such a high quality.

CGMP compliance is no longer optional for any company dealing with supplements, vitamins or other health-related consumables. Our commitment to deliver high-quality products means that all our factories are either CGMP certified or compliant with these standards.

Phytochem has many years of experience in dealing with CGMP requirements and our staff are well-versed in the paperwork needed by clients to maintain or receive CGMP licensing.

We are confident of maintaining high standards among our manufacturers and implement strict policies to ensure that all manufacturers are continuously adhering to CGMP as well as our own quality assurance standards. Our China-based factories are monitored by our buying office in China, whether they are potential or existing partners. No manufacturing plant joins our list of producers without undergoing strict, random inspections.

We also conduct regular and randomized testing on shipments from each factory. While we focus on testing new manufacturers by testing their first two shipments, existing manufacturers are also subject to testing. Our quality assurance procedures include third party random testing as well as consumer testing and feedback.

Another way we can assure quality standards are met is by maintaining long-term relationships with trusted manufacturers. We have been working with some of our manufacturers for over six years, while our partnerships with our manufacturers have lasted four years on average. In addition to quality, having long-standing relationships with our manufacturers also enables us to provide clients with consistent and reliable products.

Although we may attract new clients with our products and prices, we are aware that excellent, personalized service is what helps us keep our existing clients. Every client of Phytochem is assigned to a specific customer sales representative. This assures clients that their needs will be met and gives them the ease of dealing with the same sales representative each time. All your enquiries and orders will be handled by your dedicated sales representative.

You can be confident that every order is treated urgency and we strive to deliver all orders to you at the shortest time possible. Often, goods are shipped out on the same day the order is received. We also have a good track record of accuracy and reliability in our deliveries, having achieved a 99% reliability rate in meeting clients’ deadlines. At Phytochem, we aim to fulfill our clients’ requests to the best of our ability and will try to expedite rush-orders whenever possible.

All orders will be accompanied by the original COA, displaying the results of testing on the specific batch of products in each order.